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Lois D. Terry, PE

LDL Collaborator

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About Lois D. Terry

Lois D. Terry is a global leader and contributor in the chemicals and plastics industry. With over 30 years of experience, she has led diverse commercial, operational and technical teams in 9+ countries. She is an active and enthusiastic champion mentoring and developing talent globally. She coaches individual contributors and leaders to successfully transform into effective middle/senior level leaders who engage and  empowered their teams to performance excellence. She is a demonstrated Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) leader supplier diversity professional. Areas of expertise include operational excellence; global strategic sourcing; high-stakes global contract negotiation; global capital program strategic planning and execution; EPC contract strategy and risk management; cost analysis and management.


Ms. Terry is passionate about actively coaching and mentoring individual contributors, middle and senior managers to master performance and leadership excellence. She empowers them to lead delivery performance and results while leading teams courageously and inclusively.  Through her consulting firm, LDTerry Consulting, and in partnership with LDL Consulting, Ms. Terry is committed to leveraging her leadership in operational excellence to drive business results while promoting inclusion, equity and diversity as a competitive organizational advantage. 


Lois D. Terry resides in Houston, TX and supports global enterprises  to master performance and leadership excellence through speaking engagements, interactive workshops, and small group/individual leadership development programs.

To learn more, view Lois' video CV

Areas of Expertise


  • Leadership Coaching at All Levels

  • Influential Leadership

  • Thought Leadership

  • Global Strategic Sourcing and Negotiations

  • EPC Contracts: Formation, Execution, and Closure

  • Manufacturing Leadership

  • Working Across Cultures

  • Diversity Equity & Inclusion

  • Sustainable Supplier Diversity

Corporate Global Procurement Consulting 2021

Corporate Leadership Training 2021

Women’s Business Enterprise National Conference (WBENC) Energy Executive Program 2019

Emerson Exchange 2018, Senior Technical Women in Leadership Roles, Speaker

Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance (WBEA), Senior Women in Corporate Leadership Panel 2017

Feasibility Assessments and Labor Studies for Risk and Program Cost Evaluations

Program Leadership Audit Intervention 2016 – 2018

Team Integration Coach - Ongoing

Contribution & Events

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  • LinkedIn

Diversity is being invited to the party, Inclusion is being asked to dance... 

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LD Terry Consulting

LD Terry Consulting partners with professionals looking to elevate their presence in Executive & Leadership roles through coaching, branding, and strategic development.  Areas of focus include:

  • Elevating personal branding and working styles

  • Establishing leadership presence

  • Understanding the corporate culture and how to successfully navigate into a visionary leader:

    • Change Champion

    • Improved Engagement & Integration

    • Authentic team engagement

  • Walking thru leadership’s “unknown valleys”

  • Creating strategies for leading up

    • ​Finding & connecting strategic mentors

    • Networking & connections

    • Creating introduction opportunities – what can you do to solve Exec’s problems?

  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity engagement

  • Leadership across site/regional/global interaction leadership

  • Building Partnerships: Who’s Who in the Zoo?

  • Actualize Personal Behaviors & Bias to enhance efficacy

Lois's Leadership Mantras:

  • I Encourage Leaders to  Embrace ALL Challenges with a Conviction to SUCCEED!


  • Always demonstrate LOYALTY and ENTHUSIASM with your TEAM!


  • Diversity is being invited to the party, Inclusion is being asked to dance and once there, ALWAYS PULL UP TO THE TABLE!

What Our Clients Say:

​"LD Terry consulting has positively enhanced my  personal and professional career development. Because of this mentorship, my work relationships have been enhanced and strengthen.  The way people perceive me has improved and I have received positive feedback from those in supervision.  My leadership skills have improved through the use of tools and techniques offered by LD terry consulting services. Their executive level leaders and managers have extensive experience and offer excellent guidance.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Lois and look forward to every session.  If you want a career boost, I highly recommend LD Terry because they are equipped to help you meet your goals."

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Lois and look forward to every session.  If you want a career boost, I highly recommend LD Terry because they are equipped to help you launch and meet your goals!" - TG

"To be coached by Lois means embarking upon a journey filled with encouragement, transparency, and growth, while learning to be resilient when challenged with adversity.  Lois will teach you not only how to think as an executive leader, but she'll also teach you how to act, deliver, and be seen as an executive leader.  It's SO much more than just achieving great results - it's a transformation of the "whole professional" and merging that with your natural style and personality.   That is perhaps the greatest benefit of the many I received while being coached by Lois--a transformation of mindset, action, and visibility.  I couldn't see it at the time, but she did, and that transformation moved me forward at lightening speed.  Since being coached by Lois I've moved from an individual contributor to a senior leader reporting directly into C-suite!" - RB

"Ms. Lois mentored me when I first got my job out of college. Most recently,   she has helped me to navigate a new company and new role. Her wisdom was invaluable to me. She helped focus on key issues and strategize how to overcome them. My manager was so impressed he gave me a promotion to Director and put on the Executive Retention program." - CH

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