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"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new."



This is where the tangible work begins. Where you take all that you've learned and realized about yourself, your team, and your organization and begin to craft the way forward. This is where we design the future of your leadership, your team, and your organization to achieve your goals, and move deftly to your vision. Many will say the road is not easy. We say the road is ours to create. When we come to potholes, we will fill. When the pavement is smooth, we will enjoy. When it turns to gravel or a natural path, we will seek to find understanding. And when there is no road, we will build one.

Executive Consulting

is tailor-made, leadership one-to-one engagement for the senior leader and executive who understand the case for change, but still sight-seeking, and searching to find their personal impetus to engage.

Team Consulting

helps teams find and understand their purpose in the broader organization by creating a bespoke framework on which to ground and build your team.

Talent Architecture

helps teams organize themselves for maximum realization of their mission and vision via near term goals, objectives, deliverables, and performance metrics.

InspYre Drive™

is the missing link in your team.  That “thing” your team keeps searching for that binds them in a common purpose and finally reaching that long elusive success you KNOW you can achieve.  InspyreDrive helps create your activation energy and leapfrog your hurdles and quicksand.

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We are the missing link to ACTIVATING and ELEVATING yourself and your team.

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